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Official Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Golden Moose, Indie Game Studio - Pumpkin Carving Contest

No video game studio is complete without a series of pumpkins featuring the company logo! We held an impromptu pumpkin carving contest for Halloween this year. They turned out really well!…(especially considering none of the participants are officially recognized artists!) Entry #1: Entry #2: Entry #3: All Entries: Which pumpkin would YOU nominate for the […]

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Golden Moose Kickoff Event

Golden Moose Studios at Yosemite National Park

To celebrate the launch of Golden Moose Studios, we held our kickoff event at Yosemite National Park! It was a great place to get inspired, hike, relax, and talk game design. Before officially starting Golden Moose, Manne and I often came up with ideas for the game while on various hikes. Sometimes simply unplugging and […]

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