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Swedish Lifestyle

At Golden Moose Studios, we do our best to ensure we maintain a Swedish approach to our workplace. We want the people who create our games to bring as much joy and passion to our projects as we hope players experience by playing them! This starts with us, making sure our employees are as happy and fulfilled as they can be.

Here’s a short video for background about the Scandinavian principle of arbetsglädje (Swedish)/arbejdsglæde (Danish), meaning “happiness at work”:

Our employees enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

Golden Moose Website - Swedish Lifestyle - Work Life BalanceWork-life balance

We want our employees to have the time and space to enjoy their work and time away for family, to pursue their own hobbies, etc. We strongly encourage employees to retain work-life balance.

Studies have found that this not only improves employee satisfaction and retention but also improves the overall quality of work.


Golden Moose Website - Swedish Lifestyle - Flexible ScheduleFlexible schedule

We do have core work hours to ensure team members can communicate on a consistent basis, but employees shouldn’t feel restricted by a “company schedule.” Team members are encouraged to leave for appointments – or the gym! – whenever they feel like.

After all, your needs are just as important as the company’s!


Golden Moose Website_Swedish Lifestyle_Time OffTime off

Time off is essential! All you need to do is communicate your vacation plans ahead of time and enjoy your well-deserved time off!



In the Workplace:

Golden Moose Website_Swedish Lifestyle_Time OffA flat and open structure

The Swedish approach to the workplace is a very open and flat structure. Even at large companies in Sweden, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company with multiple layers of managers.

We believe that everyone’s ideas are important, and we strongly encourage all team members to speak up if anything feels out of place or can be improved.


Golden Moose Website_Swedish Lifestyle_Professional DevelopmentProfessional development & growth

We offer the time and encouragement for our employees to grow professionally. We don’t believe employees should feel limited by their job titles!

If you have always been an artist but are curious about design, you can learn from one of our designers or use the time to read/watch tutorials on your own! If you’re interested in regularly doing some marketing or programming as well as your usual tasks, go for it! The sky’s the limit!


Golden Moose Website_Swedish Lifestyle_Health & FitnessHealth & fitness

In the long term, we will offer our employees additional health benefits, but given our limited startup resources, we provide alternative health & fitness options for our employees to enjoy, including:
– Lunch time company runs
– Monthly company hikes
– Flexible time so you can work out when it’s best for you!