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IndieDev Diary #3: We Showcase Our 1st Demo!

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Our Current Project:
If you follow our blog, you already know that we had our share of troubles in finding the right prototype to pursue through to completion. We scrapped 2 prototypes already because they were overscoped and we didn’t have enough experience in the genre to “see the fun” fast enough.

The day’s come where we’re finally ready to share our current project! It looks ugly and it’s still very early in development (we spent less than a month on it so far), but we’ve come farther, in a much shorter period of time, than we did with either of our other 2 concepts.

You can play the demo now on TIGForums.
COTS-Prototype-Canyon-AmbushTIG Forums
As you’ll read in our DevLog on TIGForums, we learned a number of things by creating this short demo, including how we should approach constructing levels and working with the camera.

About the Game:
It is a difficult, rogue-like, top down space shooter, encouraging a tactical style, where players prepare for each mission and optimize different strategies in order to prevail.

Our Goal:
Our main goal is that we stop developing “in a bubble” and instead, receive more immediate feedback about our design goals and vision for the game.

We’re doing this by changing the way we approach milestones. We now structure our milestones to get builds (or other DevLog updates) out into the game development community.

Granted, we’ve only been using this new method for roughly a month, but it does push us to deliver a very focused set of game features. In a way, the gamedev community is acting as our stand-in producer or publisher, keeping us on track and giving us feedback on each build (or update) we deliver.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent us feedback already! You’re helping to keep us on target.
Stay on Target - Delivering Game Development Builds to Community
Updates & Feedback:
We’ll continue to update the DevLog to show off new enemies, weapons, and other features.
Don’t forget to send us feedback! – Comment on our blog posts, or comment on our TIGForum DevLog!

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