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About Karin Skoog

Currently working on simulation game "In the Heart of Borneo." Designer & Programmer Golden Moose Collective

Malaysia: Digital Nomad IndieDev


After nearly 3 months in Malaysia, it feels like we’re leaving too soon! The time flew by, and there are still so many places left to explore! We were exceptionally fortunate that at our second destination (Kota Kinabalu), we had incredible AirBnb hosts who invited us out a few times, a small neighborhood of very […]

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Golden Moose Presentation & Unity3D Workshop in Malaysia


Over our nearly 1.5 years of nonstop travel, we had the pleasure of meeting with many game developers across the Asia Pacific, visiting an indie studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand and even giving a presentation in New Zealand last year. There were long stretches of time during our travels where game developers felt somewhat sparse […]

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IndieDev Diary #6: The Art of Actually Shipping


In Part 1, you learned why we decided to close Golden Moose Studios. In this article, we discuss our shift in focus from “dream projects” to our new mantra “just ship something.” Changing Goals Since starting Golden Moose Studios in 2016, we learned a lot more about ourselves as developers and what we wanted out […]

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IndieDev Diary #5: Rebranding & Golden Moose Collective


We rebranded! We’re now Golden Moose Collective (from the former Golden Moose Studios). Why the change? Our first year+ in business, we leveled up in many ways, learning: An incredible amount about indie game development, Ourselves as developers and Ultimately, the cost of doing business in the US. The Location-Independent Indie Game Studio! Although Golden […]

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Vietnam: Digital Nomad IndieDev


We’ve had a busy year traveling and developing games! So far, we’ve been in Korea (3 months), Thailand (3 months), New Zealand (2 weeks), Australia (1 month), and now Vietnam (3 months). Since we’re nearing the end of our stay in Vietnam, we wanted to share a little of what it’s been like here. (We […]

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IndieDev Diary #4: The Challenges of Designing a Hard, Roguelike Game

Karin Skoog, CEO & Creative Director of Golden Moose Studios

We just released an early prototype level on TIGForums of our 2D/3D hybrid, roguelike space shooter. The design process and iteration for this build became quite the balancing act, as you’ll read about in this article. Over the 2 days it took to build and adjust this level, I found myself questioning:     Whether […]

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IndieDev Diary #3: We Showcase Our 1st Demo!


Our Current Project: If you follow our blog, you already know that we had our share of troubles in finding the right prototype to pursue through to completion. We scrapped 2 prototypes already because they were overscoped and we didn’t have enough experience in the genre to “see the fun” fast enough. The day’s come […]

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Golden Moose Presentation in Wellington, NZ!

LOTR New Zealand Hobbiton

Traveling while developing games can be a blast, especially when you take a 2 week break from game development and hit the New Zealand trails, hunting down Lord of the Rings sights! While we were in New Zealand, we had the incredible opportunity to speak to local game developers at an impromptu Game Developers of […]

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IndieDev Diary #2: Throwing It All Out the Window & Getting a Reboot


In order to help others going indie (or thinking about going indie), we want to give back to the community a little by maintaining a certain level of transparency during our journey as independent game developers. That means it’s time for our 2nd IndieDev Diary entry! We published our last indiedev diary just a few […]

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Korea: Impressions & GameDev

Korea Games Conference 2016, Seoul

After 3 months of life in Korea, we wrote up our overall impressions. Korea was amazing! (But we’ll probably say that about every country we visit. :)) Seoul There are a lot of sightseeing options in Seoul. It’s also fairly easy to escape the city by train/subway and walk or hike in public parks. Daejeon […]

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