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About Us

Golden Moose Collective (formerly known as Golden Moose Studios) is a small group of independent game developers with a shared vision – to make independent games we can be proud of!

Read about decision to rebrand here.

A Nomadic Lifestyle

The Collective has been nomadic since 2016, traveling nonstop across the Asia Pacific and meeting local game developers along the way.

Countries visited include Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Korea and Cambodia.

The Collective

Karin Skoog, Designer & Programmer

Karin Skoog, CEO & Creative Director of Golden Moose StudiosFormer AAA AI/Game Designer on Avalanche Studios’ theHunter: Call of the Wild, Karin went indie in 2016 and is currently working a simulation game, based on her travels in Southeast Asia.

Manne Cederborg, Designer & Programmer

Golden Moose Studios - Manne Cederborg - Lead Gameplay Programmer & DesignerFormer AAA & Indie Gameplay Programmer, Manne previously worked on Hazelight’s A Way Out (published by EA) and Avalanche Studios’ theHunter: Call of the Wild.

He went indie in 2016 and is working on a taco shooter game. Check out his latest build and progress!

The Go1den Moose Name

Golden Gate Bridge - Golden Moose StudiosThe Golden Moose name was thought up on a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge – “Golden” reflects the Californian half of the team and “moose” represents the Swedish half (moose being a national symbol of Sweden).