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About Us

Golden Moose Studios is an entertainment company, developing independent video games.

Golden Moose was co-founded by Swedish developer Manne Cederborg and Silicon Valley developer Karin Skoog. They met at FutureGames, an intensive game development program in Stockholm, Sweden.

Golden Moose Studios launched in the fall of 2016.

Our Studio’s Name

Golden Gate Bridge - Golden Moose StudiosThe studio’s name was thought up while the co-founders were walking across the Golden Gate Bridge – “Golden” reflects the Californian half of the studio and “moose” represents the Swedish half of the studio, moose being a national symbol of Sweden.



Karin Skoog, CEO & Creative Director

Karin Skoog, CEO & Creative Director of Golden Moose StudiosKarin holds an MBA in International Management and a BA in Comparative Literature. She has worked across numerous disciplines in the video game industry, including as a game reporter, narrative designer, producer, and most recently, as an AI design/scripter intern at Avalanche Studios, Stockholm.

An enthusiastic and studious game designer, Karin took private lessons in Unity (C#) while serving as a producer in San Francisco. It only made sense to return to school for the intensive, hands on game design education FutureGames in Stockholm, Sweden and now embark upon this new journey, starting up an indie game studio. Karin is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Manne Cederborg, Lead Gameplay Programmer & Designer

Golden Moose Studios - Manne Cederborg - Lead Gameplay Programmer & DesignerManne has 10 years of programming experience using various languages and is originally from the telecom industry where he served as a Solution Consultant, delivering specialized software according to customer needs.

In 2014, he made the decision to pursue his passion for gaming, transitioning from hobby game making to launching a career within the game industry. He pursued an education at FutureGames, where he complemented his programming skills with a design focus.

Starting out as an intern at two of the largest gaming companies in Sweden, he ultimately decided to create his own games by co-founding Golden Moose Studios. Manne is originally from the Stockholm area in Sweden.